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AT&T Synapse SMB Business Phones compared to Voice Over IP

The AT&T Synapse small business phone system compared to many of today's VoIP phone systems could and will save your business thousands of dollars per year.  It has many of the same features and is much more simple to use as reported by many of my clients.  

Rather than paying recurring fees indefinitely with a VoIP company the AT&T Synapse phone system is purchased all at once or over a period of time.   Additionally it can be run over your pre-existing network using all of the same wiring you use to connect your computers to for local network access and internet.   

Having installed VoIP systems for 10+ years there hasn't been one instance where there were not issues getting the system setup perfectly as well as call quality issues with droppeds call, call jitter and echoing, as well as a huge learning curve for end users to use many of the VoIP features.  AT&T's Synapse product has simplified the learning curve and after a quick training session after installation, I have yet had to provide additional end user customer support respective to phone usage.   After having spent countless hours configuring and trouble-shooting VoIP systems my vote is for the AT&T business phone system

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