May River IT has over 20+ years in the Information Technical industry serving both small & medium size businesses in Hilton Head, Bluffton, and Beaufort South Carolina. Whether it be Network Infrastructure, Server Management, Application Support to End-user PC support and management, we have the experience and skills to provide you the comfort and security of being fully operational 24/7.

Our dedication and adherence to “industry best practices” and “superior customer support” is what keeps us second to none. We treat our clients as if they were ourselves and are fully transparent with any service and/or consulting we provide.

When you outsource IT functions to our team of IT experts, we assume responsibility for monitoring, managing, and securing your business as well as providing you consultation and expertise of what decisions to make to stay be and in the 21st century from a technology perspective.

This allows you to concentrate on your business spending time being successful and operational as opposed to struggling with trying to “make things work” in this constantly evolving technical world.

Give you peace of mind in knowing that true experts
are managing your IT environment.

Hardware Services


Configure / Management / Maintain / Backup

Help Desk Services

PC/Mac support both on premises and remote support.

Data Backup

24/7 Onsite / Offsite backup continuously synchronized...
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Network infrastructure

Routers / Switches / Communications

Enterprise Phone Systems

For a fraction of the cost of VoIP systems we provide cutting...
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Software Services

BDR (backup and disaster recovery)

Disaster recovery as a service (DRS) enables us...
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Remote Support 24/7

All of our managed business clients can be remotely...
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Our light-weight award winning robust Anti-Virus software...
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Do I Need IT Support?

While some businesses prefer to deal with technology issues as they arise, successful businesses understand the importance of working with an IT support company to keep up with backups, patches, and security threats. If you fall behind in keeping up with these important aspects of your IT infrastructure, you’re going to face significant consequences in terms of productivity loss, revenue loss, and potential legal liability in the event of data loss or theft. 

Although most businesses know the potential consequences of failing to keep up with important aspects of their IT infrastructure, some people say “my server is running, the Internet is up and seems to be fast enough. Someone setup a backup 9 months ago, no one is complaining about their computers, and my computer guy calls me back.” 

If this sounds familiar, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • How did the last test restore of your backup go? 
  • How often do you check to make sure the servers and desktops are getting security updates? 
  • When was the last time you had a virus? 
  • How much bandwidth (internet speed) do you have and what is using it? 
  • How many computer problems do your employees really have that they are not telling you about because “They are just small problems, not worth the money to fix them”?

If you’re uncertain of these answers, you’re putting the productivity of your employees at risk. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: May River IT: 

  • Reduce HR responsibilities and operational headaches. 
  • Improve network performance and access. 
  • Improve employee satisfaction with IT support. 
  • Ensure continuity in IT support structure. 
  • Offer a flat monthly fee for 100% IT support or hourly rate based upon your needs.

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